Ti-Jean Blues

Director, Roxanna lewis

Wilson Center for the Arts, FL

Ti-Jean Blues” is based on the life and writing of Jack Kerouac, who created a quintessentially American form of fiction in which childhood and family memories, love and intense friendships, the turbulence of cities and relentless travel, jazz, drugs, and spirituality weave an exuberantly brilliant dramatic fabric. This piece involves ten actors and a sound score from the works of jazz geniuses like Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Charlie Mingus, and others, plus original music composed by Philip Glass. In this piece, no one plays Kerouac. Men and women, singly and in chorus, through language and movement, represent Kerouac's journey. Script adapted by JoAnne Akalaitis from Kerouac’s works.




“Working with Roxanna Lewis on Ti-Jean Blues was a huge turning point in my life. The personal connection I felt from her as a director allowed me to feel comfortable and honest even in the most vulnerable situations. Roxanna helped me to look deeply into aspects of myself to deepen my experience as an artist.”

-Joshua Pierre


“Ti-Jean Blues was a complex and intricate script with it’s own rhythm and timing. Roxanna has a way of reaching you right where you are, and calling forth what already exists. She gives time to her performers to make a personal connection and develop their own growth within the character which made the entire process genuine. I have never been the same since working with Roxanna as a performer or a human. She is like a mythical creature sent to us to actively create positive change disguised as a play or dance...”

-Natalie Bogart


“I am extremely grateful for having been trained by as talented and compassionate director as you. The lessons I have learned during this production will follow me not only throughout the rest of my career, but through mi vida!

-Aushaud Ganff


“As cliché as it might sound, I wouldn’t trade this experience with you (or my fellow actors) for ANYTHING in the world. It’s been the most open, honest, revealing process I’ve ever been a part of…THANK YOU for the opportunity…”

-Katie Parisi