La Caroline: A Rock Opera

Director & CHOREOGRAPHER, Roxanna lewis

Preview: Wilson Center for the Arts, FL
Tour: Nantes, France

Book and lyrics by Jennifer Chase

Music by John E. Citrone

Music directed by Robin Stine

La Caroline Is a ground -breaking, dynamic, Rock Opera steeped in 16th-Century Florida and European history upon the founding of a French settlement at Ft. Caroline in northeast Florida.The Rock Opera uncovers the lives of the French Huguenot explorer, Reneé de Laudonnière, artist Jacques LeMoyne, Timucua Chief, Saturiwa and others who were part of this extraordinary period of Native American and European history. The audience gleans invaluable insight into the world of the culturally vibrant Timucua, their rituals and ceremonies, the Spanish and French, royalty and explorers. Diverse perspectives are illuminated as well as the complicated situation in France between the devout Huguenots, the Catholic Church and Monarchs. The history, blended with contemporary original music composition and dance casts us into the lives and passionate desires of the now lost Timucua people and original European settlers. The show traveled to Nantes, France where the playwright, director-choreographer, cast and crew were honored to perform for the mayor and her distinguished guests at the L'Hotel de Ville and mounted a production at Theatre de Poche.