Sarah Schreck

Get to know Sarah a little more...- TAKE NOTE! Sarah is a powerhouse with a wide range of talents capable of bringing any production to life!

What makes you laugh?

I'm an easy laugher and crier, but you can always get me with a funny face or word and fantastic timing. I fall for pretty much anything aside from potty jokes or violence-based humor.

A genie gives you two wishes ‘cause he’s busy ~ what would they be?

The first would be that every individual on the planet would immediately come to understand the steps it would take to optimize the world for all living beings, and the second would be the potential to fulfill those steps, if they didn't have it already. We'd have to fix it on our own, but at least we'd know we're on the right track.

Who’s your hero & why?

To be honest, my hero changes periodically based on what I am struggling with at the time. At the current moment, my hero is Claire Wineland, a spunky young gal who lives with Cystic Fibrosis. Her ability to deal with death and provide for others, paired with her snappy sense of humor is humbling. She is incredibly resilient.

What’s your superpower?

If it's not too self-complimentary, I am grateful for the diversity of my experiences and abilities. If I consider anything my superpower, it would have to be this multifaceted skill set. While this has made it difficult for me to choose a single career path, I always get a rush from being able to adapt to
different demands. Of course, if I have a superpower, I have to have a dire weakness, and that would probably be my desire to overcommit and stretch myself farther than I can manage.

When and how did you discover your artistic voice?

I've always been creating art, but I don't think that what I produced really matured until I wrote my first ten- minute play, Blossoms, in my sophomore year of college. It followed the friendship of best friends over the course of ten years, one of whom being transgender. I was lucky enough to see it win "Best Play" in the competition I wrote it for, but the feeling of that success couldn't compare to how it felt to watch it for the first time, like my imaginary friends had come to life. I had so much faith in the characters that it empowered me to continue writing. I've been unbelievably fortunate to share my values and beliefs through that intimate medium ever since, and this strengthened my creative expression through other art forms as well.

What draws you to the work in String Theory?

Quite simply, I'm drawn to String Theory by a desire to learn. I've worked behind-the-scenes at a Fringe festival before in administration, and after seeing so many magnificent pieces, I am beyond thrilled to understand how one is born and developed and eager to make contributions of value. 

 Sarah's dedication and many contributions to the production during intensive rehearsals of STRING THEORY were invaluable to the overall success of piece. 

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