Dancing Poetry

I've created several dances for Sonja and shared a lot of joy of touring them across the US and Italy. Eventually, we each grew to invent new dreams,  live in different parts of the world (US & UK) and even start families ~ which seems to be the age-old dilemma for dancers if you've ever seen the movie Red Shoes. It is a beautiful thing to re-connect as artists, wide open for the world to enjoy on display at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland ~why not?! Here's a little more...

What makes me laugh? Wiggling - the dance of joy. I laugh when I do it, I laugh when I see it . . .

If you met a genie, what would your wishes be? My wishes are between me and my genie.

Who is your hero and why? Any person I witness being generous of spirit is a hero to me. I spread the responsibility, and I get caught by moments of inspiring heroism out of the blue.

What's my superpower? One of my superpowers is the ability to apply high school chemistry to everyday life a quarter- century later. "Like dissolves like" got tar out of my cat's fur.

I can fall asleep in any position and wake up rested and cheerful. I am a laundry genius.

When and how did I discover my artistic voice? I was fifteen and it was an accident - I took some dance classes at the local YMCA for fitness. There came an airborne moment in my first performance of a contemporary piece when I knew with clarity that dance was my language.

What draws me to the work in String Theory?  I could answer this one for days . . .

It is deeply fulfilling to work once again with my mentor, Roxanna Lewis, at this point in our lives and experience; it is new and absolutely familiar. I love participating in a vision bigger than I could conceive alone, I love that I get to integrate my scientific curiosity (I have a reason to read The Elegant Universe!) into my life as a dancer, and it feeds my soul to be in the presence of beautiful music. String Theory is an opportunity for me to grow as a person and artist and mother. It is a daunting joy. 

Roxanna Lewis