An Opera Singer

After many years of maintaining a very close connection, once again, it brings me great joy to work with Roxanna. I feel deeply honored to have been asked to participate from the inception of this new work.  It is not by accident that we find ourselves at this juncture on so many levels.  As we continue to evolve, so too, does this piece have the same potential.  When Roxanna reached out to me and said, "I want you to be an integral part of this work and not just musically."  My answer was a definitive, "Yes."

Her idea to create a multi-media, multi-sensory experience for the audience that would explore the scientific theory that everything ~ all of life ~ starts with vibration, vibration of string like particles was very exciting to me. As a vocalist, who loves vibrating vocal chords, I jumped onboard immediately! The concept of the interconnectedness of everything...that's what draws me to this project.  Using multiple artistic genres as a means of expressing and exploring core ideas associated with String Theory, is yet another imaginative way to attempt to gain a more in depth understanding of the phenomenon. 

Music, particularly singing, has been integral part of my life since I was a very young child. I feel my life's journey through music has been extremely rewarding and I am enjoying, appreciatively, each stage of this "process" developing STRING THEORY from my first discussion with Roxanna, our first long-distance music rehearsal with Douglas Ladnier all the way through to our performances in Scotland! I am drawn to sharing with others my artistic experiences, and I do so enthusiastically with the great hope that they, too, will find their creative voice. 

What a blessing it is to collaborate with Douglas and work with Sonja after 20+ years. Our paths cross again! To Tim, Bonita, Sarat, Jodie, Juanelle, Sarah, and Samantha, I value working with you as you bring your uniquely special talents to this project. What a fantastic team we have!


Roxanna Lewis