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Roxxiedanz Productions Inc (RXD) specializes in collaborating worldwide with artists and producers to deliver commercially successful, provocative productions for stage, TV, and film that elevate humanity, challenge social stereotypes and enthrall audiences.


As founder and President of Roxxiedanz Productions Inc, Roxanna Lewis believes unabashedly in artistic expression that joins people together and helps audiences tie together threads of understanding to broaden their experience.  Roxanna draws from the rich past of prior generations of her multi-cultural family of immigrants, self taught multi-millionaires, pioneering engineers, political activists reaching back to McCarthy-ism, lawyers, writers, masons, and artists.  She also brings to every project her vast and varied work experience from the two toughest entertainment meccas on earth – NYC and LA – to see that project through completion.  Roxanna assembles teams of dedicated professionals that have an innate ability to infuse real life and passionate ideas into world-class productions. Our team of experts can be as large or small as desired, directly scalable to budget and scope of each unique project.  We enhance the outcome of any project from the germination of an idea through pre-production through to the culmination of the project.

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Associate Producer

Dr. Maya Angelou Interview, "State of the Union"/ PBS-TV

Writer’s Assistant/ Autobiography

Emmy Award winning actor & director, Ben Gazzara
In The Moment: My Life As An Actor
Publisher: Carroll & Graf; 1st Carroll & Graf Ed edition (September 13, 2004)

Associate Producer/Co-Director

"Dreambody Documentary"/ Stolen Car Productions, NYC

Founder/ Co-Producer

“eXplosion Media Harvest Festival”/ Snapper Bear Studios, NYC

Assistant to Line Producer

"5 Star" Commercial (Japanese Market)/ DNA Productions, NYC

Talent Coordinator

Christmas Special from Rockefeller Center/ ABC-TV

Production Assistant

"CNN.COM"/ News Programming Department, CNN, NYC

Art Department

"Robert Randolf and the Family Band" Music Video/ The Revolver Film Company, NYC

Art Department

"Cram" Game Show Network/ Mindless Entertainment (VH1), LA

Art Department

Diana Krall Music Video "Don't Go Changing"/ Island Records (UK), NYC

Assistant Stylist

"Bang Bang… You're Dead," Oleander Music Video/ Showtime Television, LA



Rachael Sage, Mpress Records, Northeast US & Canada 

Casting Director

Manic Street Preachers Music Video: Let Robeson Sing, SONY UK

GQ Magazine: Swatch Watch - Male Models, NYC

Dow Chemical: Live Industrial - Dance of Life, NYC

Meridian Corporation: Live Industrial - An Evening in Paradise, Puerto Rico

Roblyn Productions Inc: National Celebrity Salute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, NYC & DC

Infinity Dance Theater, NYC

Numerous regional live stage and theatrical productions, NYC, NY, NJ, FL, DC, MD, CA