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Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk) - written, directed, choreographed, shot & edited by roxanna lewis



"The radiant light, the purity of character and humor, is what alights the flame of Roxanna Lewis' Peter and the Starcatcher, a show pressing so dangerously against the ropes with talent that it's astonishing the show can be reigned in at all. A two and a half hour marathon of absurdism, clever dancing around endless prop pieces, Peter and the Starcatcher is the most intriguing theatrical experiment an audience could have ever envisioned from such a colorful flight to Neverland...Director Lewis pushed the script's fluidity into her communal cast, forging and weaving bonds that bend and shape between each cast member an indescribable figure. This magic, a spark of unity in wit, brings Peter and the Starcatcher into the sky."

“Dreamy romance…bewitching moods…sensual energies…”

- Backstage NYC

‘Eyes of the World’ dared to tread where many history books still refuse to go – the issue of slavery and the rape of a people.  The message was loud and clear.  My ancestors screamed in my heart and in my soul.  Viewing this holocaust of slavery struck a cord of agony that as an African American woman, I felt so deeply it echoed silently through the theater.”

- Impressions

“The choreography throughout the entire show was flawless.  Kudos to the choreographer, Roxanna [Lewis]…Standing ovations and cheers from the audience made it obvious that I was not the only person enjoying this production.”

- The Banner (West Side Story)

“Lewis’ passion for powerful material makes her the perfect choice to direct The Whipping Man…”

- BUZZ Magazine

“Triangle Fire Factory Project…searing and moving…the first act is where Director Lewis’ extensive experience as choreographer for productions all around the world comes into play.  She has managed to capture the ensuing panic, with the helter-skelter running and cries for help that one expects in an incident of this magnitude…. This is a unique piece of theater, one that is thought provoking and informative…”

- eu Jacksonville

“Dreambody, a groundbreaking piece…a work of astonishing beauty and power.  Inspired by movements of yoga, incorporating elements of several schools of modern and African dance takes the audience on a 34-minute journey through the Hindu system of energy centers known as chakras raising issues of body image and sexuality…”

- New Mobility Magazine

“If you are a theatergoer who wants an excellent script, a director who thoroughly understands the intent of the playwright, soul stirring and flawless staging, and a stellar cast, then The Whipping Man is for you.  Indeed, besides being a seamless blend of writing, direction, and acting, it is an educational journey…“The production [TWM] is directed by ROXANNA LEWIS, be sure to read her excellent Director’s notes. This is a drama that is not to be missed. Although some of the dialogue is humorous, it is also often painful, while thought-provoking throughout, as these three men face a future forever changed.””

-   eu Jacksonville

“The highlight of the program came in the next offering.  Ms. [Lewis] gave her interpretation of the Bachianas Brazialieras No. 5 by Villa-Lobos in “Letters of the Heart,” which she choreographed herself.  She is an accomplished modern dancer, both lyrical and strong…”

- The Citizen

“The stars of “West Side Story” are Roxanna [Lewis] and Arlene Hawks…Full of energy, passion and choreography that will knock your socks off, this is Surflight’s best production this year…”

- The Press of Atlantic City

“Oklahoma! A brilliant combination of music and theatre… [Roxanna Lewis] is a wizard at working with a small stage…We especially liked the special treatment she has given to “Out of My Dreams” for a very dramatic effect.”

-eu Jacksonville